PCMS is a comprehensive software program developed specifically for the process industry.

PCMS offers:

  • Compliance with Recognized Codes and Engineering
  • Practices Improved Plant Reliability and Reduced Costs
  • Windows Client-Service-Based Software You Can Network
  • User Group Drives Evolution and Provides Direction
  • Scheduling of Inspection

PCMS Heritage


PCMS Developed

Within the SOHIO (BP) research lab, PCMS is developed by Robert P. Buhrow and programmed by Ron J. Schuster. The manual piping circuit corrosion analysis was completely enhanced and reprogrammed for use on an IBM personal computer using state-of-the-art techniques. Mr. Buhrow states "This user friendly program permits automatic computer determination of risk levels and inspection frequencies depending on actual physical and location factors. No inspector can afford to be without it."


PCMS Commercial Version

PCMS spins-off from BP to focus on software development. A Visual Inspection Module and Relief Valve Module are added to the product portfolio.


PCMS holds 1st Annual User Conference

PCMS forms a User Group comprised of users of the product to drive future development. PCMS holds its first annual User Conference in Houston, TX where product enhancement initiatives and industry trends are discussed and voted on for future incorporation into the PCMS product.


Development of Live Link to SAP

PCMS introduces live link with SAP. Module is seen as a way to close the loop between inspection and maintenance. OSHA Auditors highly praise PCMS and endorse solution as a key component in achieving VPP Star status.


MISTRAS purchases PCMS

MISTRAS purchases PCMS and program becomes centerpiece of services offering. MISTRAS overall strategy is developed that combines the company's industry-leading and innovative products, systems and software technologies, expertise in mechanical integrity (MI) and nondestructive testing (NDT) services and proprietary data warehousing and expert analysis software to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of customized solutions, ranging from routine inspections to complex, plant-wide asset integrity assessments and management.


Integrated Risk Based Inspection Developed in PCMS

MISTRAS develops integrated Risk Based Inspection Calculator in PCMS. The Semi-Quantitative RBI Calculator developed by using base models and theory from API 580, 581, RIMAP Petrochemicals, Tischuk T-OCA, as well as PCMS RBI Subcommittee enhancements.


PCMS becomes Corporate Standard of Valero Energy

PCMS is selected as the corporate mechanical integrity software solution for Valero Energy, who is the largest independent U.S. Refiner. All 13 sites will convert their existing Inspection Data Management System to PCMS and implement the integrated RBI Module.


PCMS becomes Corporate Standard of 3rd largest Integrated Oil Company

PCMS is selected as the corporate mechanical integrity software solution for the 3rd largest integrated Oil Company, ConocoPhillips. Upstream, Midstream, and Refining Business Units will transition from their existing Inspection Data Management System to PCMS.

PCMS 20th Annual User Conference has record attendance

PCMS hosts its largest User Conference date. Over 80 participants from some of the largest Oil and Gas customers in the world attend the 3 day conference in San Antonio, TX. PCMS unveils PCMS version 8.0 as well as the PCMS implementation Manager to help support product use and best practices.