Software Training & Consultation

PCMS offers onsite training classes that include both program instruction as well as consultative implementation strategy development & execution sessions. Members of the PCMS training team possess numerous years of experience in mechanical integrity software applications as well as in-depth industry knowledge. Our training programs are tailored to the specific site's implementation initiatives. We will share implementation tips and strategies that have been applied within the 150+ PCMS worldwide client sites. Classes are typically 4 days in length, but can be customized to meet the individual facility's needs. Onsite training classes meet the requirements of PCMS procedure 75-PCP-001.

Training topics include:

Implementation Consultation

  • Data Hierarchy set up and best practices
  • Systemization/Circuitization
  • PCMS Best Practices implementation recommendations

Program Instruction

  • Basic program navigation
  • Data entry techniques (mass data manipulation/UT Dataloggers/import/export)
  • Defining PCMS fields and practical application
  • Recording inspections
  • Planning inspections

Data Analysis

  • Identifying failures before they occur
  • Addressing data anomalies
  • Reviewing PCMS statistical outputs


  • Review of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports
  • Creating custom reports for both public and private use
  • Customizing dashboards
  • Developing Web Reports

Administrative Training

  • Global system settings and recommended practice
  • Linking PCMS to the CMMS system and other plant systems
  • Security administration

Risk Based Inspection (usually a workshop class format)

  • Integrating the inspection and RBI process
  • Data systemization and circuitization
  • RBI Damage Mechanism screening and analysis
  • Applying 'What-if' scenarios
  • RBI Customization- a 'How to'